The Characters

• Two men who share the last name Berry
• A can of gasoline
• A blue heeler
• Lots of cocktail napkins

After 12 years of working on the West Coast with the PGA, Joe Berry found himself in Tulsa working for the LPGA and the NBA. When the family patriarch passed in 1991, Joe was asked to look after the family farm in Arkansas, since he was the closest in proximity. On one of these visits, he went to borrow a can of gasoline from a neighboring farmer and saw a bunch of puppies on the front porch. When he returned the gas can, he asked if he could take one home. Of course, the farmer agreed and on the drive out of town, Joe looked up at the sign that said “Winslow, Arkansas”…he turned around, looked at his new puppy, a blue heeler mix, and said, “Hello, Winslow!”.

Back in Tulsa a few years later, Tim came to visit his uncle. That weekend, Joe’s buddy was opening a local bar so the two Berry boys walked down the street to the grand opening. The festive atmosphere was contagious. It was the neighborhood gathering place and they began thinking, “Hmm…we should do this on our own…start a business…maybe a bar?” Once back at Joe’s house, the chiminea was lit, stoked by imagination. They opened a bottle of wine, scribbled all over a million cocktail napkins and the concept of a wine cafe was birthed, refined…and toasted!

Now, what would be its name? After 3:00am, Winslow awoke from a nap with a big stretch and a yawn and came around the corner to see what in the world was keeping these two up so late. Upon the dog’s entrance, Tim and Joe looked at each other and at the same time said, “WINSLOW’S!”

So yes, dear friends, that is “the rest of the story”. Your neighborhood wine cafe was named after a puppy with humble beginnings in Arkansas…who has one brown eye and one blue eye — a color scheme repeated in the restaurant as a quiet nod to the REAL boss — Winslow “The Top Dog” Berry.